Our Mission

We strive to inspire all individuals to pursue values in and out of the workplace so everyone can “do what matters” and lead happier, healthier, and more productive lives. Our values-based training is critical for enhancing employee performance and well-being as well as corporate profitability.

Tia Lancaster - Founder and CEO

Tia has a diverse career that began in Labor and Employment Law at a major firm and taught courses relating to employment and the workplace.

After relocating to the United Kingdom, Tia enrolled at City University of London to pursue a Masters’ Degree in Organizational Psychology. During her studies, she collaborated with high-stakes professionals, leading her to realize the critical importance of values in individuals’ personal and professional lives.

Her academic work piqued her interest in exploring the stigma around those in high-pressure workplaces seeking help for their mental well-being as well as other pressing issues for workers attempting to navigate the new reality of hybrid work.

Her unique combination of career experiences and academic pursuits led Tia to found REVALUATE180, a mindfulness-based values-driven training approach, integrating proprietary analytics and AI to enhance happiness and productivity both within and beyond the workplace.

Meet Our Team

Renee Lin

Global Head of Quantitative Analytics and Strategy

Louisa Bulow

Global Head of Organisational Psychology

Anthony Gale

Senior Advisor

Lamise Ghalia

Global Head of Sales and PR

Milena Zivkovic

Global Business Development Manager

Jana Brain

Head of US Operations and Development

Nick Ellis

Global Head of Communication

Tara Segar

Global Sales VP

Dr Jutta Topbias Mortlock

Senior Academic Advisor

Rohan Paul

Digital Marketing Strategy

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